• Coexistence in the Shadow of War
    During the stressful times the citizens of Israel are currently coping with, the argument surrounding the rights of Israeli Arabs to protest against Israeli policy and the military operation in Gaza have boiled over to become strident in tone [more]
  • The ceremony touched my heart, and strengthened my belief that the path to peace and unity always begins in education
  • We greatly appreciate your generous contribution towards advancing education and encouraging students to continue their studies
    students from Ghajar
  • An educational fund like this for all sectors of the population, is a ray of light for citizens of the state of Israel
    Meir Sheetrit, former Minister of Housing and Construction
  • We congratulate all of the Fund members for their blessed work for society
    Nissim Zvili and Huguette Elhadad Former Ambassador to France
  • Because of this assistance, people like me without economic means have the opportunity to get ahead in life and obtain higher education.
    Student at Bezalel Academy


To support the Fund please send a check to:
POB 18570 Deir-Hanna
Deir-Hanna, 24973

Fax: +972-4-678-6716
[email protected]

Wire donations are also appreciated:
First International Bank
Central Haifa Bank
Bank Number: 006
Account Number: 582956-409

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